In my grade 12 year I went to TRU for the electrical pre-app program. I finished my apprenticeship at TRU. I have worked with a few different companies in Kamloops and worked in Saskatchewan for awhile as well.

Last year I got married to the love of my life, Nick, he manages High Octane Comics on 3rd Ave.

I enjoy going up in the bush with my father and experiencing the beauty Kamloops has to offer. My mom and I like to walk around downtown and shop a bit and eat at a few of the amazing restaurants.

Some of my hobbies are hiking, floating down the river, going to the movies, reading books and comics, I also enjoy painting models and playing tabletop games with my friends.

My husband and I bought a house a year and a half ago.

I like to try my best to shop local, the farmers market and locally owned shops are my favourite places to go shopping.

I do amateur modelling as well with local photographers and for a friend of mine who has her own shop on Etsy, Tooth and Eye.

Those photos can be found at venus.marie on instagram. I enjoy modelling because it makes me feel confident and it helped me overcome my own negative self image. I also think that sharing my photos and my path to self love will show other women that it doesn’t matter what size you are because all bodies are beautiful.

Kamloops is my home and I want to do my best to improve the quality of living for everyone else who calls this place home.