My Platform

I’m Alison Klie, a young, female, red seal electrician running for Kamloops city council.

My platform in this election covers three things I want to push for if elected.

1. The revitalization and redensification of the Downtown and North Shore areas.

Kamloops has become a doughnut. We have filled in the outside and completely forgotten the middle. We need to start building up and not just out. I strongly support the Kamplan but  there is room for improvement. We need to look at why building applications take so long to get approved and find ways to expedite that process to help Kamloops grow. I want to see large multi unit dwellings in these areas with residential on top and commercial on the ground floor to provide more spaces for businesses and to allow people to shop where they live. This will also help alleviate transit and parking problems in those areas, especially when events are taking place.

2. Supporting local and union jobs.

I strongly believe in promoting local and union work. By making sure we have good paying local jobs, we are strengthening our own community and economy. As a councillor, I will vote in support of projects that will provide meaningful employment to Kamloops. I do not support outsourcing our work to out of town and province companies and I will vote against cutting city employees and wages.  I will voice my support to removing barriers of awarding contracts to local service providers. With strong local jobs, we can keep our money in our community and help Kamloops grow.

3. Transparency in government and community engagement.

There is a disconnect between the citizens of Kamloops and the council. We need to work on engaging the community and we can start by making information easier to understand and more accessible. It has become too difficult for our citizens to access vital information about their city.  People should not be expected to read a 200 page legal document just to get basic information about city plans. We should be providing detailed and accurate summaries to help with community involvement and understanding. We can also make council meetings more accessible by moving the time to an hour that isn’t in the middle of most people’s work days, and having a short overview so people don’t have to watch or listen to the whole thing. I want to connect with the people of Kamloops to make sure we are growing the city the right way.

If you feel the same way then vote for me Alison Klie on October 20th!

My Platform

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