Kameo Podcast Appearance

I was very excited to get a chance to chat with Nevin this past Tuesday to chat about myself a little. We talked about everything from being a woman in trades to unions to sailor moon and everything in between. I encourage everyone to download and take a listen. Nevin is doing an interview with any of the candidates that are willing and it’s a great way to get to know us more as people. Download my interview HERE.

I was and still am feeling a little under the weather and I forgot to finish my point on unions since I was constantly trying not to lose my voice. My end point was that many people feel that they no longer need unions and it may seem that way but in reality unions are preserving all those things that our past generations fought for. Given the chance major corporations will take any opportunity to cut cost even if it means cutting wages and employees. Unions will fight for you no matter your colour, sex, sexual orientation or background. We’re all equal in a union.

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