my name is Alison Klie and I’m a candidate for Kamloops City Council in the upcoming election. I look forward to discussing local issues with you.

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Alison Klie is a strong willed, hardworking, and compassionate person. It's time to add the voice of a young, female, Red Seal electrician to city council to represent working people like her, instead of the same old career politicians, business owners, and investment property owners. Alison is here to bring growth and progress to Kamloops!

Nick Klie, Manager at High Octane Comics. (Website)

On my Blog you’ll see my opinions on local issues and my answers to questions directly from the people of Kamloops.
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I maintain a list of local events that are relevant to the upcoming election that will keep you informed and up to date.
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I’m open to your questions regarding my opinions on local issues. If you don’t see a post covering a question or concern that you have, please don’t hesitate to send me a question.Ask A Question
Running a campaign requires all kinds of support from the community. One of the biggest ways you could help me with my campaign is to donate a few dollars to cover the costs of getting the word out.Make A Donation
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